Studsvik's strategy is to offer specialist services to the nuclear industry with a high rate of innovation.

Growth strategy

Demand for nuclear engineering services is increasing in many markets. Studsvik is strengthening its position in priority markets through organic growth in combination with alliances and acquisitions.

Products and services strategy

The Group is focusing on products and services that strengthen the customers' profitability, help to improve safety and make it easier for customers to be environmentally accountable. Studsvik has a long tradition of maintaining a high innovation rate and develops its own technology and methods on the basis of the customers' requirements.

Market strategy

Studsvik has long experience of doing business in geographical markets with high barriers to entry. As a consequence, it has created a strong position in these markets, providing a platform for continued development of its offering there. Studsvik has a strong global market position in some niche activities. This geographical spread can be utilized when more full-scale establishments in individual new markets are being considered. These establishments in new geographical markets will take place when demand for Studsvik's services is deemed sufficient.

Partnership strategy

Studsvik operates independently on the market and develops proprietary services in close cooperation with customers and public authorities. When developing new services or when bidding for major projects Studsvik's competitiveness can be strengthened by strategic partnerships, either with highly specialized niche players or global enterprises.

Organizatorial strategy

Studsvik's organization typically has short decision lines and a clear geographical management structure with a sharp focus on profitability and customer satisfaction.

Studsvik in the World