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Business Areas

Fuel and Materials Technology
The nuclear power industry needs specialized engineering services to establish the strength and expected life of construction materials and fuel, in both operational and reinvestment phases. Studsvik has been carrying out such services for over 65 years and has laboratories where both irradiated and non-irradiated material can be tested and evaluated.

Consultancy Services
The nuclear power industry endeavors to produce as much electric power as possible while maintaining safety. One way of increasing output is to shorten the outage periods for regular maintenance and service. Studsvik has developed methods for making maintenance work more effective and by this means has established a strong position in central Europe with multi-year partner contracts. The services cover qualified consultancy services and mechanical service, as well as decontamination and health physics at nuclear power plants.

Studsvik’s services cover the entire decommissioning and dismantling process, from feasibility studies, planning and project management to practical dismantling and subsequent waste treatment. Studsvik has developed its own technology and equipment for certain dismantling and demolition work.

Studsvik Scandpower
Good fuel economy is central for achieving sound profitability when operating a nuclear power plant. By increasing burn-up of reactor fuel the power extraction can be increased, but operating safety may not be jeopardized when more energy is to be extracted from each fuel element. Studsvik’s software for fuel optimizing and core monitoring is world-leading.


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