Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Published: 27 October 2015
“Delivering compliant and efficient NORM waste management solutions from extraction to disposal.”

We offer waste management consultancy services through our highly skilled consultants who are specialists in their fields, providing waste management support to companies with NORM-related issues.

Our full lifecycle NORM services will add value to your business by:

  • Allowing customers to focus on their core business

                o   Studsvik offer full lifecycle NORM solutions

                o   Clear understanding of the environmental requirements

                o   True multi-national workforce able to operate worldwide

  • Increasing sustainability & environmental benefits

                o   Proven history of adding value by application of the waste hierarchy

                o   Positive impact on customers brands

  • Ensuring compliance and safety

                o   Reputation as owner of our own waste treatment facilities

                o   Unmatched regulator experience

Studsvik NORM Waste Services - Integrated NORM Management

Studsvik NORM Waste Services Life Cycle
Studsvik NORM Waste Services Life Cycle

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Further news

Further news

Studvik are exhibiting at the Shale World Conference at the ILEC Conference Centre on May 18-19th 2016. We would be delighted if you would come along and visit us at stand number 13, to discuss any waste management issues you may have.

As well as showcasing many of our waste management capabilities we will also have experts available to answer questions on a range of topics relating to dealing with NORM and Shale Gas.




The Excavator Mounted Bucket Assay System (EMBASSY) - designed and manufactured by ANTECH for Studsvik - is designed to assay and determine the radiological contents of an excavator bucket. Using EMBASSY, Studsvik can detect, assay and segregate radionuclide contaminants found in soil, gravel or rubble thereby minimising the waste generated from remediation of the site and saving disposal costs.

Embassy in action

NORM News from Studsvik

NORM News from Studsvik


Abu Dhabi Office opening soon....... watch this space for further details.

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