Waste Management Consultancy Services

Waste Management Consultancy

Published: 11 February 2011
Studsvik in the UK and in Sweden offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area of waste technology through our highly skilled consultants who are specialists in their fields. We are constantly innovating and seeking new ways of treating radioactive legacy waste. With over 60 years experience in the nuclear sector, we can apply real practical experience to solve our customers’ waste management requirements.

Waste technology means considerably more than storage and disposal and Studsvik offers preparation and administration of complete waste plans.

In close cooperation with the waste operations at Studsvik, our experienced multi-disciplined team offer reliable and practical advice including project planning, risk assessment and cost optimisation to the UK, Swedish and International nuclear industry.

An important part of waste technology is to qualify both containers and waste types for disposal in a final repository. There is a need for updating, further development and innovation in the area to ensure cost-effective and safe concepts that comply with the supervisory authorities' increasingly stringent requirements.


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