Health Physics Services

Health Physics Services

Published: 11 January 2011
Studsvik offers health physics services in order to reduce doses of radiation and contamination levels of personnel working at nuclear facilities. Working in radiation classified areas requires control, measurement and analysis of radiation and contamination levels in order to reduce doses to the personnel to as low as reasonably achievable.

Within Europe, Studsvik has acquired more than 25 years’ extensive experience through its strong presence in the entire nuclear industry. Our employees cover a large field of competences and many are senior specialists in their respective areas. 

At present Studsvik provides services in health physics to nuclear power plants in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, UK and Canada. Additionally, we have research facilities, interim storage, fuel production facilities and non-nuclear industrial premises among our clients.

Studsvik has considerable work experience from alpha-contaminated facilities, with both operational health physics requirements and measurement technology and dismantling. In cooperation with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Studsvik in Germany provides external training courses in order to qualify senior technicians and officers in health physics and decontamination. Studsvik in UK also provides RPA courses.

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