Operational Support

Operational Support

Studsvik's integrated product line allows a single cycle-specific core model to simplify plant operations, from on-line core monitoring to refueling optimization.

MARLA - BWR Shuffle Optimization

  • Automated design and optimization of fuel shuffle
  • Plans dry cask storage campaigns spanning multiple outages
  • Manages spent fuel storage pools
  • Supports all containment designs, including GE Mark-III

GARDEL - On-line Core Monitoring

  • Licensing-grade neutronics model for accurate results
  • Built-in calculations for more efficient core analysis
  • Easy-to-use interface is accessible simultaneously by multiple clients
  • Secure database of all measured and calculated plant signals

CMSOps - Automated Reactivity Management

  • Automated core tracking using real plant data
  • Built-in calculations for more efficient core analysis
  • Validation of results through measured data comparison
  • Export operating history to training simulator core model

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Studsvik CMS products

Studsvik CMS products

Studsvik CMS products

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