SCIP overview and meeting in China

SCIP overview and meeting in China

Publié: 7 décembre 2016

Phase I of the Studsvik Cladding Integrity Project (SCIP-I) started in July 2004 and was completed in June 2009. It utilized the hot cell facilities and expertise available at Studsvik in order to assess material properties and determine conditions that can lead to fuel failures.

A second phase of this project (SCIP-II) started in July 2009 and was completed in June 2014. It was built on the considerable knowledge generated in the previous SCIP program. The goal of SCIP-II was to generate high quality experimental data to improve the understanding of the dominant failure mechanisms for water reactor fuels and to devise means for reducing fuel failures.

The third phase (SCIP-III) started in July 2014 and aims to study Loss-Of-Coolant Accident (LOCA) and off-normal temperature transients from a safety and operational point of view. There will also be a smaller part related to Pellet Cladding Interaction (PCI) failures. Modelling is essential and will be an integral part of the project as well. 

In SCIP-III members from the entire nuclear community from many countries meet to share understanding, experience and knowledge. Representatives from regulatory bodies, utilities, vendors and research organizations establish a common understanding, enabling a shared view on safety matters, operational concerns and mechanisms of different phenomena, thus facilitating a safer and more economical production of nuclear electricity. 

Twice a year there is a SCIP Project Group Meeting. The latest meeting was held in Beijing October 25-26, hosted by SPICRI and organized by Studsvik. It was the first time a SCIP-meeting was held outside Europe. At the meeting, the presentations focused on methods used and new results obtained in the mentioned SCIP-III tasks. This together with a lot of discussions related to the presentations, as always when it comes to a SCIP meeting, made this meeting to a success. 

There were in total more than 80 participants from all over the world at the meeting, with the main part from China. More than 30 presentations were held for the two days of meeting, so it was two full days with presentations and interesting discussions. Most presentation were from Studsvik but there were also many presentations held by the SCIP-members to support the different tasks in the project. 

A “Studsvik-day” was held one day ahead of the SCIP-III meeting. On this event Studsvik presented its services to invited Chinese organizations/companies.


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