Engineering and Consultancy

Publié: 11 janvier 2011
Engineers and consultants with experience from the nuclear industry are increasingly in demand. Studsvik offers expert support in e.g. the areas of waste management and decommissioning, and all related areas such as radiological protection and environmental assessments. We also offer engineering services in the areas of design, nuclear ventilation, nuclear safety, core-, fuel- and materials issues.

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  • Nuclear safety and regulatory support
  • Fuel and core engineering
  • Materials integrity & water chemistry
  • Design services
  • Project management
  • Radiological protection
  • Nuclear ventilation
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Waste management
  • Decommissioning

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Core Analysis

Core Analysis

Core Analysis Services

Studsvik offers a wide range of services to support nuclear fuel analysis efforts, such as independent core reload design and verification services.

We can perform a range of model review, benchmarking, and optimization solutions to customers who currently maintain their own independent core model for reactor analysis.

Core Analysis Services

Engineering & Consultancy

Engineering and Consultancy Products

  • Nuclear Safety

    Studsvik specializes in a wide range of radiology issues, such as build-up ...
    Nuclear Safety
  • Waste Management Consultancy Services

    Studsvik in the UK and in Sweden offer a wealth of experience and ...
    Waste Management Consultancy Services
  • Nuclear Ventilation

    Studsvik are experts in nuclear ventilation, HVAC & associated ...
    Nuclear Ventilation
  • Engineering, Design and Implementation

    Studsvik has the ability to offer fully integrated project concepts from ...
    Engineering, Design and Implementation
  • Design and Build

    We ensure efficient handover of fully functional and compliant systems and ...
    Design and Build
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