Materials Integrity & Water ChemistryThe Autoclave Laboratory at the Studsvik site

Materials Integrity & Water Chemistry

Publié: 4 février 2011
We obtain background data that can be used by the customer to improve the unit capability factor as well as safety and control at the nuclear facility. Studsvik also conducts crack propagation measurements and other corrosion studies on unirradiated and irradiated materials. The work is conducted in close co-operation with experts at the nuclear power plants.

The aim is to:

  • Enhance the reactor's unit capability factor by reducing fuel and materialsrelated limitations during operation
  • Verify materials lifetime, improve safety and avoid the need for component replacement
  • Produce information upon which decisions on materials applications can be made
  • Investigate new water chemistry concepts
  • Reduce and prevent occupational exposure at nuclear power plants.
Publié par:Eva-Lena Lindgren

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Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Studsvik offers specialized international logistics and transport services to the nuclear industry. Solutions include safe and efficient transportation by road, rail, air and sea and assistance with regulatory compliance and shipping documentation.

Transport and Logistics
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