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Publié: 4 mars 2011
Studsvik offers specialized international logistics and transport services to the nuclear industry. Solutions include safe and efficient transportation by road, rail, air and sea and assistance with regulatory compliance and shipping documentation

US transport and logistics services 

Studsvik has teamed with R&R Trucking in an agreement that broadens its access to first class transportation services for BSFR and general waste, and has also partnered with several other companies for the transportation of large components.

By coordinating transport operations with its partners, the Studsvik team is able to provide augmented services to clients for all types of radioactive and other hazardous materials for the United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Defense and other government, nuclear power plants, and commercial entities. Some of the unique benefits and capabilities are:

  • Specialized overweight, oversized and shielded transport
  • Satellite tracking of all shipments
  • Maintenance program exceeds USDOT standards
  • Rail and barge services
  • Specialized road-to-rail services
  • Emergency response program exceeds US DOT and ANSI standards
  • 24 hours per day 7 days a week operational coverage
  • Drivers have average of 7 years’ experience in hazardous materials transportation
  • Drivers are trained to the highest standards in hazardous materials transportation
  • Hazardous material transportation security plan
  • 24 hours per day 7 days a week security and surveillance

Transport services Sweden

Studsvik carries out transport of reactor fuel, radioactive waste, radioactive materials and other special transports. Over the years transport to and from Sweden has been carried out to a large number of countries around the world.

We offer our clients a turnkey transport solution, starting with all the paperwork required for a cross-border shipment. That means that we, together with a local experienced and competent partner, can do the following for you:

  • Apply for necessary permits (export/import)
  • Assist when you have to make the application for a permit
  • Coordinate with all parties involved
  • Take care of the customs clearance
  • Provide drafts for the documents you have to complete for the transport
  • Provide information about the safety requirements

We have 5-6 people working daily on radioactive shipments, all with long experience and dedication to their work.

Transport services UK

Studsvik UK offer a turnkey radioactive waste packaging, transport and logistics service for nuclear site licensees and contractors in the UK market and internationally.

Studsvik operates and maintains it's own fleet of packages. This fleet of packages includes IP-1, IP-2, Type A and Type B. If a customer's specific requirement cannot be met by any of our current packages, we will seek to modify an existing package design or source packages from specialist suppliers,whatever route is the most cost effective solution for our customer.

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